Fast paced indie puzzle game for desktop and iOS

Game description

Achtzehn (from the German word for the number 18) is a casual puzzle game with some fast paced action elements. The player’s goal is to reach each level’s quests within a certain time. These quests could mean to be cracking a score or removing all blocks from the board. The board itself is made up from a grid with alternating row and column values (8 and 10). The player needs to place and arrange blocks with values from 1..9 onto the grid in a way, that two or more neighbouring blocks’ sums equal the current row’s and / or column’s value.

Special blocks and tricky puzzles

Achtzehn’s features different kinds of quests within it’s main quest mode. Along with fast paced score modes where you have to combine blocks quick to reach the level’s score, there’s also a puzzle mode with special blocks and a need for foresight and planning.

One of Achtzehn’s special blocks: the Doubler. Doubles any neighbouring blocks for interesting effects and cool puzzles.

If you’re stuck – use a bomb to make room.

Achtzehn devlog

14.04.2020 – Level editor
I needed to create a simple level editor for the puzzle quests. The reason is that I wanted to simulate each step of the game’s matching rules in order to build meaningful and logical levels (kind of a reverse sudoku solver). Because I’m the only person to use this editor it doesn’t have to be fancy or beautiful – it just needs to be done quickly and it should work. So I decided to use HTML + vanilla Javascript for the job – pretty unusual choice as the game is not made using this tech stack. But it worked well and after only a single day’s work I got myself a working level editor.